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    Chinese Construction Industry Association released the 2016 ...

  • Seminar on safety in production

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    The group will focus on Belt and Road Initiative, Chongqing New Europe, Pakistan Economic ... [View More]

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    Globalization Upgrading Vitality Stimulation Management Opti...

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  • Chongqing, Europe and the company wa...

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    【Chongqing people dream outside】The Chongqing team to conque...

  • Reform and innovation to promote the transformatio...

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    Chongqing Foreign Trade and Econmic Cooperation(Group) Co., Ltd. is the municipal government to determine the city's opening-up and the implementation of the "comprehensive platform of going out strategy, is a large, state-owned key enterprises, is the largest local foreign trade enterprises throughout the country, is Chinese multinational companies 100 strong, Chinese top 500 service enterprises, the Chongqing foreign construction group of 4 consecutive ENR (Global Top 250 international project contracting)".

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